Save time and money with the storage cabinet

At Yes-Storage we’ve the best and a lot complete storage program in the Hong Kong area, to meet the requirements of users with innovative storage cabinet method.

This idea was implemented in the year 2006 and is storage cabinet directed at organizing the storage cabinet, as well as storing household items inside small and large weighing machines so that it is easier to keep your belongings.

As of 2018, our team of professionals is in charge of providing more complex alternatives for the safeguarding of goods with the storage cabinet Hong Kong.
The actual lockers offered possess the advantage of being mobile and so are stored in the main center, where the customer can go to request those they want. Because of this, it is necessary to be able to request a scheduled appointment and will be taken care of as soon as possible.
The belongings may also be entrusted for the transport “Let’s Move” and will receive them in a very short period of time. This service may be the key to receive awards as the best brand in Hong Kong in 2012.

In addition, we have the recognition “Talent Business – SMEs” and “ERB Talent Business Recognition Scheme” throughout 2013. We have the collaboration of the Brand Advancement Council Brand name Bureau, along with the manufacturers situated in China.
A reverse phone lookup is leased as a cellular locker and the final amount of cabinets can be increased or reduced, because deemed essential by the client. It is important to observe that there is no limit towards the number of cupboards that you want to keep.

It is used through an application in cellphones or through direct experience of the professionals with the company. Whenever an appointment is scheduled, you’ll be able to visit the middle where they are protected as well as the client has access to their things.
There is a great number of monthly and prepaid repayment options, which are suitable for virtually any budget. The particular reliability as well as security of the storage process are usually backed by our experience.
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Posted on March 16, 2019