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The film genres are defined by the backgrounds that tell a story, so the success of a movie depends largely on the themes of the stories that are visualized by the viewer. From the origins of society, the human being has classified by type and names everything that surrounds the environment. Nowadays, the Internet pages offer the best cinematographic contents such as 123movies, which is a movie site with contents of all genres.

The fine arts clothe from the paintings to the cinema in general. The cinema is a means of expression used to tell stories and entertain people through them enriching the lives of many individuals around the world. The genres of the films began to become popular as of the seventies of the last century.

The first films did not have a specific genre, they limited themselves to producing scenes from everyday life, but after a while, the films began to be classified by genre in order to follow standards. The films can be categorized in different ways and according to the point of view from critics and historians, multiple classifications have been made.

In succession with the theme, the conception of the cinematographic genres is also considered multidimensional phenomena that are completed around the history and the evolution of the films. The genres are defined by specialized critics as the organizational form that characterizes the narratives chosen by the producer of the film, in the cinema the genres are defined in:

-Documentary: It is a genre of informative character usually does not involve professional actors because the content is designed for real life (interviews, hidden cameras, testimonies, among others.

– Bibliographical: These tell the stories of famous people of the world (social leaders, political leaders, athletes, artists and other characters that are marked a before and after in the real world.

– Historical: It tells stories through stories such as wars and liberations of countries showing the ideologies that made those movements rise.

– Musical: they are productions whose technique focuses on musical expressions such as songs and dances. In general, this type of film tells a story and in turn, musical scenes are developed. The best musical films are found at 123movies.

– Comedy: this genre deals in particular with funny scenes and looks for the spectator to have fun through the development of the film or the series. Comic films are a succession of comic theater trends.

– Children: the themes of this type of film are aimed at children and their purposes are didactic, the characters of this type of film are usually cartoons. The cinema of animation is a technique that replaces actors and scenarios with illustrations. The best-animated films for children are 123movies.

– Action and Adventure: is a dramatic model that does not have a specific setting throughout the film, usually deals with fictional plot themes such as spies, pirates, martial arts, cape and sword, and others.

– Action: In this type of genre the special effects predominate and the characters are archetypal and by the abundance of sequences the stories told go hand in hand with dynamism. The plots developed in these films are of a hero, a villain, an innocent young woman who is saved, a comical secondary actor and a happy ending.

– Science fiction: they recreate in nonreal worlds with imaginary futures, these stories present future or past situations but with fantastic elements.

– Drama: They are stories of sad stories; movies of this genre are based on personal conflicts that develop in the life of a real or fictitious character.

-Terror: It is a bloody film show of stories of murderers and supernatural scenes.
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Posted on July 11, 2019